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Team Himmelsbach Racing is the current WERA 125 Grand Prix National Champions. The engine development program for Team Himmelsbach Racing is lead by Bill Himmelsbach longtime AMA 250 Grand Prix competitor and full time service technician for Blackmans Cycle a multi-brand motorcycle dealership in Emmaus Pennsylvania. Mike Himmelsbach handles all the riding and sponsorship duties for the 125 GP program.

Last season Will Morgan from Morgan Racing contacted Team Himmelsbach Racing on the possibility of testing an aftermarket 125 GP exhaust pipe. We put the bike with the pipe on the Blackmans Cycle Dyno Jet dyno and were very pleased with the results.

The Morgan Racing pipe out performed the stock one in most categories. Peak horsepower was higher by (+1.4) and the torque peak also was higher by (+.7). The horsepower average for the two pipes between 10,000 RPM and 12,250 RPM also favored the Morgan pipe by (+.92) almost 1 full h.p. increase and the torque average was (+.43). The stock pipe got the nod in the time to accelerate from 10,000 to 12,250 RPM test. The stock pipe recorded a time of 3.127786 while the Morgan pipe was slightly slower with 3.150612.

 We installed the Morgan Racing distributed pipe for the first time at Summit Point raceway during the WERA National Challenge Series event. The first time out on the track the pipe immediately needed a smaller rear sprocket to compensate for the higher straight speeds. One noticeable characteristic of the pipe is that it has a dramatic burst of power at 10,250 RPM as you can see by the dyno chart it jumps 7 horsepower in 500 RPM. The pipe worked well during the entire weekend, we ended up on the top of the podium with the bike running faster than ever before.

 We continued to see the same success with the Morgan Racing pipe at all the racetracks we visited and won the last 9 races entered along with the Nationai Championship title.


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